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Scott Healy & Associates is one of the most trusted higher education search firms in America, based on our extensive experience, expertise, and history of results.

Since 1998, we have managed more than 250 successful national searches, helping academic institutions to quickly attract and find exceptional candidates. Through our extensive network, we recruit professionals with the skillsets to achieve your highest priority goals and the values that make a good fit at your institution.

Colleges and universities at all levels of the higher educational spectrum choose Scott Healy & Associates to manage executive searches for leadership positions in enrollment management, admissions, financial aid, registrar, student affairs and now in the health sciences based upon the following:

  • We have a great track record. 99% of our searches have been successful.
  • Our wide-ranging experience and knowledge. Scott Healy has worked in the business for over 4 decades. Our name is reputable throughout the higher education world because we are known for our expertise, success, integrity, and fairness.
  • We take on challenging searches with 100% success. SH & A has been hired by over 70 colleges and universities who had initiated their own institutional searches only to fail to produce a positive search outcome. In each of these searches, SH & A has been able to produce a successful search outcome.
  • Our searches do not stop after round 1. If the first round is unsuccessful, we keep searching until the job is complete – at no extra cost, unlike many higher education search firms.
  • We have a vast professional network. The confidential Scott Healy & Associates professional network is comprised of over 24,500+ candidates looking for higher education positions. We are also well-connected with insiders at many institutions.
  • We offer up to a 3 year-replacement guarantee. If the candidate you hire leaves his/her position for any reason, we will find you another excellent professional. This is the longest replacement guarantee in the business and we are comfortable making it because so many of our hires stay with our clients for more than 3 years. We also offer two other guarantee options to suit diverse needs and budgets.
  • We operate with precision. We take the time to understand the precise challenges of the position and the institution so we can identify the exact skillsets necessary to find the appropriate professional for the position.
  • We know how to market to your audience. We have the insight you need to represent the position, the institution, and the community.
  • Our approach is thoughtful, strategic, and proven to produce results. Scott Healy & Associates utilizes a systematic approach with an outstanding history of finding the best possible candidate.

If your team needs assistance conducting a national search for an outstanding candidate, contact us today for a free estimate and to learn more about how we can help you achieve the best possible results.

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If your institution needs assistance with a national search, interim placement, or a specialized enrollment management audit, please contact Scott Healy & Associates today to learn about how we can help you achieve the best results.

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