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Find the best professionals for health science leadership, enrollment management, admissions, financial aid, and registrar roles.

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Interim Placements

Fill Short-Term Vacancies with Experienced, Successful Professionals. SH & A’s network of interim candidates will allow you to:

  • Fill short-term positions quickly
  • Keep progress moving
  • Gain fresh perspective and add value

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We find you qualified, successful professionals for your higher education executive search needs. Our success is built on a strong foundation of trust and determination to find the right candidate for your institution.

We help higher education institutions optimize critical resources to identify and hire effective leadership and faculty.

Diversity Statement

Scott Healy & Associates is a highly trusted name in educational consulting and higher education national searches. Our firm holds a standing commitment to sourcing candidates who have a strong alignment with our client institutions’ mission and vision. We take a holistic approach to locating an ideal candidate for the long term; we look not only at their accomplishments and credentials, but also at the motivations and goals in their life and career.

Through this process, SH & A is committed to doing our part to create a more equitable field of higher education while at the same time maintaining the quality of service to which our clients are accustomed. We accomplish this by sourcing diverse groups of candidates to ensure our clients are presented with the highest caliber of talent possible. Using this approach has resulted in placing over 175 candidates in the last three years, with over 50% of those placements being candidates who are historically underrepresented in their particular discipline.