Fill Interim Positions with Successful Enrollment Management Leaders

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Short-term vacancies in higher education positions can occur for any number of reasons. When they do, institutions can seize the opportunity to reach out to SH & A to hire experienced interim professionals in enrollment management. Institutions will be sent a number of resumes from highly qualified candidates to fill the position and offer fresh perspectives that can add value to their department. Often positions are filled within two weeks.

The higher education professionals at Scott Healy & Associates help institutions with short-term vacancies (4 to 12 months) in enrollment leadership positions to fill these roles with experienced and successful professionals. Our higher education professionals utilize their strategic knowledge and deep network of connections to find the right professional to step in and make progress on the position’s greatest challenges.

Whether you need an Interim Vice President for Enrollment Management, Interim Director or Dean of Admissions, Interim Registrar, or Interim Vice President for Student Affairs, the expert educational consultants at Scott Healy & Associates will help you find the perfect match at a difficult time to exceed your institution’s needs.

If your institution needs assistance with a national search, interim placement, or a specialized enrollment management audit, please contact Scott Healy & Associates today to learn about how we can help you achieve the best results.

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