An emerging trend in the last 5 to 10 years is the hiring of interim executives from outside the institution to bridge a gap in the administration.  Interim executives appointed from outside an institution are becoming the norm in American higher education. These appointments of outside interims are a very practical and expedient solution to cover sudden or unexpected executive leadership transitions.  The hiring of outside interim executives is becoming more prominent, a practice that has already had a profound and dynamic impact upon our nation's colleges and universities. One of the major differences is that external interim executives are much more likely to be appointed for strategic reasons, and to be engaged as agents of change.
The strategy driving the hiring of external interims is the emergence of unprecedented challenges confronting our colleges and universities in the last 10 to 15 years, which from time-to-time has even led to disruption and turbulence on our nation's campuses.  The challenges in higher education have almost mandated the strategy to retain and redeploy some of our best and brightest executives as interims to help the school tackle these new challenges in enrollment management.  This exciting model offers a totally different strategy to expeditiously appoint an external administrator to serve as an interim professional to bring about positive changes to the enrollment management and admissions teams in higher education.
Scott Healy & Associates offers interim placement services that can solve your toughest enrollment management issues and provide an experienced enrollment professional very quickly.  Please contact us to have a discussion as to how we can best serve your institution.