At Scott Healy & Associates, we approach your executive search, interim placement, and enrollment management and admissions audit challenges with a process that: 1) Has repeatedly proven to be successful for our clients in the most challenging environments, and 2) Allows us flexibility to address your institution’s unique needs. Some of the hallmarks of our approach that we believe contribute greatly to our nearly perfect track record of delivering positive results to our clients include:

  • Complete Understanding: We take the time to fully understand and uncover important details that impact strategic and operational challenges when developing plans to meet (and often exceed) your highest-priority goals.
  • Commitment to Process: Thanks to our meticulous strategic process, the success we are known for can be repeated over and over for new clients. Our process allows for exceptional efficiency, so your objectives are met within your time frame. More than 4 decades of experience in this business has allowed Scott Healy & Associates to fine-tune our enrollment management, executive search, interim placement, and educational consulting process in a way that ensures our clients achieve the results they seek and require to be more successful.
  • Guaranteed Results: SH & A has completed over 200 successful national searches while offering the longest candidate retention guarantee in the business: three years. That means if the candidate you hire through our search process doesn’t stay at your institution for at least three years, we will conduct a new search at a greatly reduced fee. We also offer clients a traditional one-year replacement guarantee. Our track record of success and reputation as a top American higher education consulting firm gives our clients confidence in our ability to develop, test, and implement appropriate solutions. This confidence helps improve the efficiency of our processes. To learn more, visit our National Search page.
  • Review of All Materials Produced by the Institution: The difference is in the details. To attract high-quality candidates and produce the outcomes you desire, change is sometimes in order in areas you might not consider or expect. Our intense knowledge and experience with so many unique and different types of institutions will help you make the necessary adjustments to achieve your goals.
  • Accessible Expertise and Services: Scott Healy & Associates has an extensive network of professional partnerships that allows us to provide you with the specific expertise and services your initiatives require.

Our National Executive Search Process:

  • Confidential Professional Network of Scott Healy & Associates: We begin each search by asking for applications and nominations for the position by communicating with up to 24,500+ experienced and successful higher education professionals throughout the country who are included in the confidential network of Scott Healy & Associates.
  • Outreach to Similar Institutions: We initiate phone calls to like institutions to identify potential candidates who would be qualified for consideration.
  • Development of the Position Advertisements: Attracting the best candidates in the country requires exceptional ad development and placement, executed via a strong partnership between the institution and search firm. The development of the ad we use is a combination of SH & A writers’ efforts and our partnership with the institution. We will advise you on messaging, important selling points of the position, the institution, and the community, position structure, and avenues through which to reach your target audience. No ad will be produced until both the firm and the institution agree 100% on content, distribution, and timing.
  • Cooperation and Coordination with Leaders within the Institution: Once the job announcements have been distributed, we will work closely with the President, Provost, Vice President of Human Resources, the search committee, and other prominent leaders throughout the entire search process. Some teams are more hands-on than others; SH & A will be flexible to accommodate your preferences.
  • Complete Understanding of Institutional Needs: We take time to understand and uncover important details about your institution that impact strategic and operational directions when developing plans to achieve your highest priority goals and challenges.
  • Application review and follow-up: All applications will be sent to Scott Healy & Associates and the initial review of all applications will be completed by Dr. Scott Healy and selected professionals from the firm. SH & A will seek additional follow-up with selected candidates, requesting additional information as needed in the selection process. This will complement an independent review conducted by the institution’s search committee or by selected leaders from the institution.
  • Phone or Off-Campus Interviews: Once the semi-finalists have been identified by the search committee, Scott Healy & Associates will be prepared to conduct telephone or off-campus interviews that will further identify the qualifications of each candidate based upon the critical questions developed by the search committee and by SH & A. Information on each candidate and conversations with the search committee will contribute to the identification of semi-finalists who will be invited to interview on campus.
  • Reference Checks: Scott Healy & Associates will be prepared to follow up with references for all finalists once they have been identified. The search committee or others from the campus may be involved with references as well.
  • Verification of Degrees and Past Employment: Verification of selected candidates’ academic degree(s), past employment history and criminal background checks are handled by the institution.