Scott Healy & Associates is one of the most trusted names in educational consulting, higher educational national searches, and enrollment management. SH & A has assisted institutions from across the country and in selected institutions in Europe and the Middle East by improving their leadership, recruitment and enrollment practices, and operational efficiency.

Whether an institution is looking for new and experienced leadership in the enrollment arena, interim placements for 4 to 12 months, or institutional enrollment audits, Scott Healy & Associates has the experience and drive to help all institutions – from the leading to the struggling – to reach their full competitive potential. In a time when enrollment management is vital to the financial health of an institution, SH & A is a proven consulting firm in higher education.

Presidents, Provosts, and Vice Presidents in higher education trust Scott Healy & Associates because of their:

  • Exceptional Track Record of Success: SH & A has a success rate of 99% in national searches.
  • Replacement Guarantees for National Searches: SH & A offers a variety of replacement guarantees in support of all searches including a 3-year replacement guarantee. No other consulting firm offers this type of guarantee.
  • Proven Ability to Deliver Success after Failure: SH & A has been asked to take on institutional searches that have failed to produce successful outcomes. In every search, about 75 to date, the outcome for the SH & A search has been remarkable – every search has successfully resulted in an excellent professional placement.
  • Experience: Proven success comes from experience in the field. Since its founding in 1998, Scott Healy & Associates has worked with about 160 institutions in higher education – but SH & A’s experience runs even deeper than that. The company was formed after its founder, Dr. Scott F. Healy, had been in enrollment management leadership positions at 9 colleges and universities, from small private institutions like Alfred University and The College of St. Rose to large public institutions like Ohio State University and Penn State University.
  • Diligence and Determination: SH & A will work with each national search until “just the right professional” is selected. The firm has never walked away from a partnership with an institution without a successful ending.
  • Networking at its Best: The development of a Confidential Network of over 24,000+ experienced enrollment management and admissions professionals allows SH & A to conduct successful national searches.
  • Proven Process: Success in higher education comes from a proven pattern of behavior. SH & A has developed methods that bring about success whether it be in national searches, interim placements, and/or institutional audits.
  • Partners: SH & A has formed many partnerships with some of the most experienced and successful enrollment management professionals currently working in the business. The firm also adds value to its services by partnering with financial aid consulting firms, technology companies, publication design firms, and others who offer specialized expertise to our higher education clients.
  • Reputation for Quality: Last, but most importantly, Scott Healy & Associates is known throughout the industry for the quality of its professional team and services to its clients. SH & A is among the most experienced, knowledgeable, trusted, and effective education consulting and academic search firms in the country.

If you and your institution need assistance with a national search, an interim placement, optimizing your enrollment management processes, or conducting an admissions audit, contact Scott Healy & Associates by filling out the contact form provided on this website or by e-mail at