Dom brings extensive experience in higher education to Scott Healy & Associates, having served in registrar services, admissions and alumni relations. Dom recently retired from Utica College after having served there for 37 years, 26 of which were as the College Registrar.

Dom was instrumental in designing the registrar suite of the College’s customized legacy student information system, including introducing electronic transcripts to the campus. He oversaw the transition from an essentially paper-driven environment to a fully electronic operation. Later in his tenure as registrar, Dom was a part of the implementation team that oversaw the conversion to the Ellucian Banner student information system, and in designing and utilizing Banner technologies to enhance and support records and registration services. Those services included introducing online registration, supported by online only course schedules, and the development of Banner’s degree audit module. Dom’s work also included designing and building complex curriculum rules to support a campus of nearly four thousand students enrolled in bachelors, master’s, and doctoral programs.

Most recently Dom developed the process for entering thesis and comprehensive exam data into the Banner SIS, making it possible for this information to be printed on official transcripts. Tracking faculty participation on graduate student committees was also made possible by his work.

Using the methodology developed by AACRAO, Dom also spearheaded an extensive self-study of registrar services, which included a site visit by an external consultant, who issued a written report that included several recommendations aimed at improving services. Dom believes that advances in technology permit us to serve students, faculty, staff and alumni with ever increasing creativity as we seek to enhance the human element that drives these relationships. Rather than attempting to replace the human face with a technological one, we have the ability to use the new technology to elevate the student-faculty relationship in particular, to a new level, one in which both are enriched by using the technology as a tool through which each is able to converse in ways that were heretofore nearly impossible.

For Dom, it is what makes being an educator so satisfying, and what makes him a valued resource to the Registrar Services Division of Scott Healy & Associates.