Cathryn Healy serves as Assistant Vice President at Scott Healy & Associates.

She began with SH&A as the Digital Marketing Manager, where she heads the digital communications to clients and potential candidates, as well as the social media and website management. As Assistant Vice President, Cathryn continues to manage the online presence of SH&A while also conducting national searches in the health sciences. Additionally, she works to develop the proprietary networks that are central to the effectiveness of the firm - from the areas of Nursing, to Pharmacy, to Human Genetics - helping to expand the scope of disciplines that SH&A can service.

Cathryn has a Bachelor's Degree from Temple University in Philadelphia, where she studied Advertising, Digital Media Engagement, and Dance.

Cathryn lives in Harrisburg, PA with her fiancé, and enjoys her time as a dance instructor in Hershey, PA in the evenings.