Bob Herr has 30 years of admissions and enrollment experience.  Working primarily at private colleges and universities, he has been successful in developing recruitment markets, managing enrollment operations, financial aid leveraging, improving campus visit and outreach programs, and marketing and communication efforts.  During his higher education tenure, he has supervised undergraduate and graduate admissions, financial aid, retention, and intercollegiate athletics.

Bob has led successful CRM and ERP implementations, including Slate, at several institutions and has a record of improving admissions operations efficiency. During his career he has worked to develop successful recruitment strategies which resulted in increased inquiries, applications, enrollments, and conversion/yield rates for a variety of student populations.  

Bob continues to give back to the profession through mentoring, sharing, networking, and presenting on a variety of topics including social media, technology, financial aid, campus visits, and “admissions 101”. He received his B.A. degree in history from Susquehanna University.