Mike Raters has thirty-five years of varied and successful experiences in higher and secondary education.  An others-centered professional, he has led, taught, and coached students, peers, colleagues, and administrators to remarkable accomplishments.

Most recently, Mike served as the Chief Student Affairs Officer at Wabash College.  During his fifteen-year career at Wabash, Mike successfully broadened the collaboration of the Student Life team across the entire college community, including faculty, athletics, enrollment, local law enforcement and other agencies, and alumni affairs.  His time as Dean is marked by the creation of several initiatives linking such entities as student leadership, Greek Life, diverse and under-represented students, and others to all divisions of the college. Those efforts, and those of his colleagues, led to record satisfaction scores for Career Services, Athletics, and overall collegiate experience, as well as record retention and graduation rates.  A teacher and coach to his core, he also taught Teacher Education Methods courses, a Leadership course for the Freshman Experience curriculum, and bolstered the staffing, facilities, and successes of the Athletic Department.  As the direct supervisor of a highly successful Division III athletic program, Mike managed the expansion of facilities and was directly responsible for all department staffing.

Mike served as the inaugural lead facilitator for the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) Athletics Direct Reports (ADR) Institute.  He twice chaired the American Colleges of the Midwest (ACM) and Great Lakes Colleges Association (GLCA) Deans Conference.  Mike led Wabash’s Master Planning process and was instrumental in shaping several Athletics Fields renovations.

Mike is available to assist secondary and higher education institutions in his many areas of expertise, including Student and Leadership Development, Student Life and Culture Assessment, Athletics Staff Search and Program Development, Title IX, Mental Health Services, Greek Life, and Risk and Crisis Management.