Michael Griffin brings to Scott Healy & Associates extensive experience in the areas of enrollment management, recruitment, admissions, financial aid/scholarships, financial aid leveraging and marketing. His insightful understanding of the issues and concerns that colleges and universities face today to maximize their enrollments, meet tuition revenue goals and increase student retention are invaluable to the institutions with which he works.

Mike’s background in establishing accurate and efficient data management practices to make informed decisions plays an important role in tailoring recruitment plans and strategies, admissions and financial aid policies, and retention practices to the specific goals, needs and culture of an institution.

His experience in organizational assessment, reviewing admission practices and policies, operational policies and procedures, budget and staffing resources and allocation are critical to the successful execution of an institution’s enrollment management strategies, plans, and outcomes.

Throughout his career Mike has been responsible for the development of marketing strategies and the use of multiple communications channels to reach an institution’s respective markets. He has experience in print publications, direct mail, advertising, email, website development and content, social media and texting.

With the founding of his private college counseling practice, admission2college in 2012, Mike views institutions’ recruitment and admission practices and policies from a different perspective. Conducting college admission workshops for schools and organizations and working with students and families throughout the college admission, scholarship and financial aid process has provided him with a unique insight into the concerns and needs of the prospective students and their families and how they can play out in the development and execution of an institution’s enrollment strategies.

Mike’s practice takes him to Shanghai China to conduct workshops for students and parents and provide college counseling services to Chinese students who are applying to US colleges and universities, providing him with invaluable experience with international recruitment.

He has served as the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enrollment at the University of Denver, preceded by roles as Associate Dean of Admission and Enrollment Services and as the Director of Marketing for the University.

In addition, he’s held the position of Dean of Admissions & Financial Aid at the California Institute of Integral Studies, a graduate university located in San Francisco.

He has consulted for the College Board and currently volunteers with Greenhouse Scholars, a Boulder, Colorado-based non-profit, assisting low-income, first generation students with scholarships and personalized mentoring throughout their college experience.

He earned a BA in Sociology from Colorado State University and studied in the Mass Communications graduate program at the University of Denver.

He is a member of the National Association of College Admissions Counselors.