Kevin McIntyre

Dean of Admissions
Millikin University

April 1, 2015

Scott Healy & Associates congratulates Kevin McIntyre on his appointment as Dean of Admissions for Millikin University. Kevin began his career in Admissions working directly with prospective students and their families, helping guide them through the college search process.  He frequently found himself in the role of advisor, confidant, financial analyst and sometimes, peacemaker as students navigated the process to find the right college.  At Goldey-Beacom he fostered a much closer working relationship between Admissions and Financial Aid and built one of the strongest enrollment teams the College experienced in many years, significantly increasing counselor productivity and buy in while reducing counselor turnover. Kevin’s decision to join the staff at Immaculata University was driven by a desire to broaden the scope of his responsibilities.

Most recently, in July 2011, Kevin was named the Vice President, Enrollment Management at Rosemont College.  Beginning in the spring of 2012 Kevin and his team were instrumental in creating and launching an Academic Explorations program which was designed to work with students who enrolled at the College as Undecided.  Over the past two recruiting cycles his team engaged in significant prospect research to more clearly define viable markets and reduce the amount of money spent annually on search. The search program launched in 2012 saw a measurable increase in responses and applications while reducing the number of names purchased from 110,000 to 60,000, allowing the College to achieve substantial savings while growing the incoming class. 

Prior to his positon at Rosemont, Kevin served as Dean of Enrollment Management at Immaculata University. He joined the University in 2004 and embarked upon the transition from single sex to co-education. The goal was to bring in the first coeducational class in the fall of 2005. His team spent that year strategizing how to best appeal to a new audience, male students, while maintaining the interest of female students.  Charged with a goal of 200 first year students (77 men) and 40 transfer students, they exceeded that goal and when Immaculata opened the 2005-2006 academic year, they welcomed 300 first year students.  In one year they had almost doubled the undergraduate enrollment.  Over the next six years the University grew from 375 women in 2004 to over 1,000 students by the fall of 2010. At the same time the University’s discount rate decreased from 65% to 38%.

Kevin also has a great deal of professional development experience specifically through his memberships in PACAC and NACAC.  Over the years he learned the value of getting to know and collaborate with secondary school and community college counselors.  Kevin brings these and many other professional college admissions skills to Millikin University.