Dr. Dave Meredith joins Scott Healy & Associates having 27 years of experience in higher education spanning both the academic and student affairs side of the house. He has been a Director of Admissions at mid-size and large public universities and has been a part of four (4) one-stop shop implementations.

Dave has experience helping schools assess and restructure internal processes, use data to develop recruitment plans and build targeted yield plans. He has also worked with institutions to reform office culture through hiring and training of new and existing staff. In addition to his work in admissions and enrollment management, he has experience in student retention, honors programs and new student orientation. Dave has worked in Ohio, North Carolina, Louisiana, Texas and Georgia.

Dave earned his Ph.D. from the University of Cincinnati where his research focused on FGC/low SES students and their successful navigation of the transition from high school to college. He has been an active presenter at regional and national conferences, has served on a College Board advisory committee and was elected president of the North Carolina Higher Education Advisory Board in 2018.